Implementing Change Report

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Implementing Change Report
Carrie Kawa
July 9th 2012
Rana Lindstrom

Implementing Change Report
Kudlers fine foods are implementing a change in the organization. This will be a progress report on how the changes has affected the company, how those changes are being monitored and the effect they have on the organization . We will be going in to further detail of what change management tools that were put in place to organize the change. Kudlers fine foods decided that expanding our company to new regions would have a benefit of putting Kudlers on the map. We chose Maine to be the new launch site of Kudlers fine food. This will be a report on the strength and opportunities we have taken to implement this new change.
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The biggest obstacles were making sure we had products in the store and that it reflected the culture of Maine. This was met with a hands on approached with a diligence and urgency that reflected that the time line was being met .
Integrity – This was a way to make sure our standards were being met with the qualities of the products and in the hiring of the staff that were being trained to make sure they represent Kudlers fine foods. The training was very important we wanted a staff well informed on the many fine products we sell and that they could answer or help the consumer with an informed staff. To make sure this goal was being met by using data from our three stores in California we decided to make a questioner then we came up with different question to ask our new staff. If we saw any problems we would address the area that was having problems.
Commitment – this was more of an internal issue to make sure that were all on the same page and the commitment level is 100%. Our solution to this was an open door policy, our project manager can address any issues that they felt was a problem or will be a problem. We wanted to make sure our vendors and new partners with the locals we were addressing all concerns they were having.
Effort – was all expectation being met? We wanted to make sure that every contingence was being consider and was handled. The goal of this was to