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Implementing Leadership Change Gene One
Gene one is an organization that has made huge advances in the biotechnology field. They were able to find a cure that eliminates disease in all tomatoes and potatoes. This discovery has propelled Gene One into a 400 million dollar company and a serious contender in the field of biotechnology in eight short years. In the recent years, the board members of Gene One have seen a continual 40 percent annual growth within the organization, however, in order to maintain this growth and remain competitive with contenders in the field, it has been decided that Gene One must go public within the next three years. An initial public offering, IPO, will allow Gene One to realize enough capital to move forward with their plans for expansion. For this IPO goal to come to successful fruition in the three year time cap, Gene One will have to create and implement two distinct leadership strategies. These strategies will have to consider Gene One’s desire to remain innovative while taking into consideration how the size of Gene One will affect the leadership and management currently in place. Finally, the proposed changes must also address their effect on Gene One’s culture and what role power and politics will play in the change.
In the review of the Gene One’s strategy it was indicated that one of the organizations main drivers is to become more innovative. The implications of the decision are that the organization needs to give the leaders independence to create efficient collaboration inside and outside the company to bring new products to market. The leadership needs to be more involved in the organization at all levels. The leaders need to identify with client insights and turn those insights into ideas for new products. Gene One is currently considering the cost and is in the process of becoming a publically traded company. The main reason for the IPO is that it would allow the company to gain capital from publically traded stock. The organization needs to take in consideration facilities and talent needed to implement the strategic plan. The increase in products will create implication that need to be identified by the organization. The organizational culture at Gene One needs to changed from a culture concerned with risk to a culture concerned with generating new ideas. The current leadership Gene One has is inadequate to meet the requirements of the IPO and leading a company that is innovative. The main hindrance to the innovation of the company is the marketing leadership. The current leadership has not been able to establish a marketing infrastructure for the organization. If the products that are developed by Gene One are not marketed properly the organizations innovation ability will be reduced. The organization needs to make changes to the marketing leadership that would produce a marketing infrastructure.
Considering the innovation potential of Gene One, the organization has developed a leadership strategy that will cultivate innovation within the organization. The competencies needed to implement the business strategy and compensate for a changing environment include: driving change, building commitment, and focusing on customers. The organizations leadership will drive change by identifying opportunities for change and acting on them. The initial change that will be made is the restructuring of the marketing department. The employees will be informed on the changes that will be made and why changes need to be made in the organization. The employee will be encouraged to voice ideas and concerns to the management of the organization. The management will look continually for ways to improve efficiency within the organization. The changes will be made in small increments and in stages that will allow employee to adapt to the change in the workplace environment. The organization will build commitment by implementing an employee hierarchy, and the management will periodically