Implementing Program or Project Essay

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Implementing Program or Project
Shina Pierre Louis
MPA 5001, Introduction to Public Administration
South University

Implementing Program or Project As soon as a project or program has been authorized, it must be implemented. Implementing a program or policy is to put into affect or to carry out a government decision. After it is implemented then it exists. However, implementation is an important step throughout the whole process. That is where policies can either be successful or fall short. If the plans are good, the program, project, or policy will be successful. Then it can be developed, evaluated, and improved. If the implementation plan is poor, regardless of the reason, the policy can fail, or not even make it past the planning stages. This is why good public policy practice demands extensive consultation in advance with those who will later be charged with the implementation of the policy (Hayes, 2002). Before implementing the regulation, it must be equal for everyone regardless of sex, gender, color or race.

Implementing a program or policy is not as easy as it sound. It can be challenging and sometimes controversial. There are major steps involving implementing a program and problems can arise with each step. Each step requires a significant amount of time and debate, making what appears to be a quick process into a long struggle. To implement public policy/programs a plan should be established, budgets are taking into consideration, and then it is evaluated.

Implementing a policy can be through federal, state and local level. The steps whether it is through federal, state or local are similar. The first step to policy implementation is to establish rules. When the rules are published, the public are given an opportunity to make any comments or suggestions. Often time what was considered a vague policy or program become more specific. Each level of government often time depends on one another. What happens on federal level may have an effect on the program at a state level. For instance, Let say Congress decided to come out with a law in regards to texting while driving. Realistically, the government will not be able to enforce this law on their own. They will have to depend on law enforcement agencies to implement it. Therefore, they have to work together for a program or policy to be implemented.

Second, the government must take budget into consideration. Approving a policy is one thing, getting it funded is something else. A budget is a plan for raising and spending money. Every year, policies and programs seem to cost the taxpayer more money. Without a budget, nothing gets done. All government programs must be reviewed to determine which are unnecessary. In theory, policy defines ends while budgets define means. There are three steps to put together a budget. First, budget requests are submitted from the operating agencies. These may be padded with wish lists or driven by dire necessity. Second, budget requests originate with the agencies of the government bureaucracy and go to a centralized office of Management and Budget (OMB) within the executive branch. OMB is the nerve center of the process. Third, the appropriations are recommended by OMB to committees in both houses of Congress, which have the final say. In the American system, the legislature authorizes funding, a Practice which extends to state