Essay about Implementing Strategic Choices in E-Commerce

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Introduction E-Commerce in other words electronic commerce is the fastest way via the internet for financiers, consumers, and corporations to conduct their businesses. Less than ten years ago, it has already drastically altered the prospective to economic activities and social environment. There are almost 200 million customers of e-commerce, with roughly 40% in the USA (Robbins S & Jackson P, 2003). E-commerce currently touches large sectors such as communication, retail industry and banking. E-commerce has also had an effect on education, health and on the government (Wyckoff A, Colechia A, 1999). It is also predicted that commerce on the internet could turn tens of billions of pounds by the end of the century. E-commerce most significant influence will be within sectors transmitting information such as, postal offices, communication, Radio and TV; as well as those that produce: finance, stockbrokers, entertainment… (Jones, B, n.d.). One of the most astonishing but indirect effect E-commerce has had, is linked to the way the society has incorporated it into their day-to-day lives, and the ability to considerably change the way businesses now interrelate with their employees, business partners and consumers worldwide. Entrepreneurs are now capable to start new businesses more easily with smaller up-front investment requirements, by accessing the internet worldwide network of consumers. The