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a business continuity plaN
Implementation Plan

Now that we have Create a business continuity plan we need a way of implementation that plan. The proposed implementation plan will include three parts, Implementation, Monitoring and Adjustment, which we will go over in detail.
The COO of the XYZ Bakery Supply will act as the Business Continuity Officer (BCO). The BCO will be in charge of full Implementation of the implementation plan and continuing to monitoring and adjusting changing risk of the company. Also, BCO will be in charge with the day to day managing the continuity plan.
A successful business continuity plan will require the company to establish a solid business continuity policy, which will empower the BCO with authority and resources for rapid deployment of the Business continuity (BC) plan and changes when needed. In this business continuity policy, will include the responsibilities of senior executives and managers during the crisis.
The company has safety and supplemental job training once a year for all staff. During the time will be a great time for the company to go over new business continuity plan and go over any changes if there were any from last time.
Monitoring is the most difficult part of running a successful continuity plan, but it is the most important stage of the implementation process. Monitoring will ensure the plan laid out will execute properly during a crisis.
One of the processes that they will be able to monitor is the contact information for the staff members for communication chain that will take place during. This could easily accomplish by creating a contact base for staff members can login and to make sure their contact information is current.
Also, Information technology systems are one of the things that changes so quickly that it requires careful and vigilant monitoring. A