Implications For The Future Paper

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Implications for the Future Paper
Tina M Link
March 16, 2015
Dora Finamore
Implications for the Future Paper
Environmental problems exist everywhere in this world today; whether it is in air, the water, traffic, crowding, or noise. Dubois, Pennsylvania which is known for its lumber and coal mining has 7, 794 people living here today. When this land was founded and cleared it was sold as one acre parcels, and each land owner had to determine their own road systems; which is why most of the roads in Dubois are narrow today. Dubois was known as “The Divided City” back in the very early stages of it growth. There was the Dubois side, and Rumbarger side, and separated by a low beaver damn. As population and business grows the
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Steg, Van Den Berg, & DeGroot, (2013) stated, “Despite remarkably improved car technology, the total negative environmental impact of car use has risen over the last 100 years.” (p.244) Because of such advance technology, cars are more fuel efficient so individuals go out to buy larger vehicles, and take longer trips which in the end produces more carbon dioxide emissions, causing more pollution, and with the increase of buying cars causes traffic congestion to get worse.
Influence of Environmental Policies Environmental policies are put into effect at all levels in our society from individual, group, large companies, and even municipal. These policies can have a positive outcome, or a negative outcome based on the individuals or group of people. There are policies that taxe things such as fuel, electric bill, water bills, so they can encourage individuals or groups to conserve our natural resources. These policies can also encourage individuals to change their behavior towards the environment by using energy efficient items such as; light bulbs, televisions, and computers to name a few. Also by having policies we can implement other energy sources such as solar panels, or wind turbines. For