Imporatance Of Spiritual Healing Essay

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Kevin Diaz
Professor Deluise
English 112
7 November, 2014
Importance of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing can be defined as the use of spiritual practices such as prayer, and meditation for the purpose of curing or improving ones illness. While Medications help one get healthier in the physical sense, Spiritual healing plays a vital role in one's health because opening up and overcoming obstacles that appears in ones way rather than suppressing them is a great way to begin a healthy spiritual life, A form of spiritual practice is meditation, through meditation one is able to find self awareness. , and through the guidance of spiritual practice one is able to unravel the source of one's own pain. According to Kornfields’ “Necessary Healing” essay he gives an example of a man who practiced as a yogi in India for ten years after a divorce, and how he felt much more content after he underwent spiritual healing, but what captivated me was how he explains how the man’s loneliness and depression returned as soon as he came back from India which as he says “He realized he could not run from himself and began to seek a healing in the midst of his life” (27). This just goes to show that suppressing ones problems by running away does not solve anything. One must undergo years of healing in the sense of meditation as well as understanding what the center of the problem truly is by looking deep into one’s own mind which can only be achieved through rigorous forms of spiritual healing. Meditation plays a great role in the healing of the body because of the fact that through meditation one becomes more aware of themselves as well as it assist them in understanding their own body better, and at the end of the day who knows one’s own body better than the person themselves. In Kornfields essay “Necessary Healing” he states “In meditation we can slow down and sit quietly, truly staying with whatever arises. With awareness, we can cultivate a willingness to open to physical experiences.” (28) Meditation can be seen not only as a way to understands one’s own personal problems but it can also assist in reducing stress, slowing aging, and can even improve sleep. Many people suffer from pains