Importance Of Agriculture In Pakistan

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Policies proposed by the Government of Pakistan: (National/Provincial Development Plan & Sector Development Plan) The key elements of government’s development plan are agriculture and availability of enough food supplies. Agriculture Policies for Growth & Poverty Alleviation by the Government of Pakistan through irrigation efficiency has following main components [12]: * To make the Water usage efficient by lining the water courses. * Judicious use of the surface and water tube, the lining of water should be pre planned keeping in mind the surface area. The jobs of the farmer holds no security, the intent is to form organizations which would provide respectable & permanent jobs with sophisticated salaries, increased public investment, urge …show more content…
Connecting various areas in three RCC depressions or PVC pipes and making a central distribution points and providing turnouts at those distribution points. * Government of Punjab province is taking interest in high efficiency irrigation systems like “drip irrigation” and “sprinkle irrigation”. They also wanted to convert these irrigation systems which are powered by solar energy to save electricity.

Need for Smart Irrigation * Reduce energy consumption When an existing system consumes a lot of resources i.e. labor, water and other energy resources. * Advanced technological requirements A need for automation requirement occurs in the fields. * Water Preservation When storage of a lot of water for use is requisite. * Government Policies Proper calculations and precautions are need to be
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* Farmers’ lifestyle standard increase Farmers will be paid high as having quality crops and increment in quantity of yield. * Efficient weather prediction with alerts Rainfall detectors and others like them will be able to predict weather through efficient programming. * Increase in GDP The GDP growth will definitely be increased as yield rises. Above mentioned points are the reason behind which tend us to develop an IoT application over agriculture, as it is being a major issue faced by Pakistanis lately. A great number of encroachments have been seen lastly in two decades around the world, but Pakistan can be outnumbered from those developed countries. Pakistan is totally deprived from all sorts of innovations and advancements taking place all over the world and it is quite useless to hard work over those developments which are not even getting in use to mankind here, cannot decrease the man power, why are we even thinking that much innovative after all? Besides along with the advancements in the technology the applications should be economical as well, so that even after lack of employment and inflation, people will be able to purchase it and walk along the increasing tech based ground-breaking developments. So the basic ambitions of this application that it should be cost effective so that farmers can afford and will be able to replace