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“The importance of being married”, by Gemma Townley is a delightful tale about romance, true love, loyalty, and doing what feels right in your heart. Jessica Wild was orphaned and raised by her grandmother, who taught her that women could be totally independent and didn’t need men in their lives. Her grandmother isolated her from showing her feelings and letting her personality shine through. Although Jess is faced with tough dilemmas like changing her self to impress other people, and staying loyal to her friends, ultimately she breaks the wall she built around her self and discovers who she really is. She learns to follow her heart and finds true love.

When a sudden tragedy strikes the life of Jessica Wild, she takes the advice of her frivolous friend and drops everything including her morals and values to become something she’s not. When her dear friend Grace Hampton dies, she leaves her millions of dollars (plus fancy mansion!) all to Jess and her fabricated husband. To claim the money, she must make her charming boss, Anthony Milton fall madly in love with her and propose in a total of 50 days. Jessica quickly realizes the time crunch and gets straight to it. She changes her entire look and demolishes her unique personality for a “bobble head blonde bombshell” who she convinces herself everyone can “see right through.” Jessica means well, and thinks she will be able to recover the old Jess once this is all over, but she loses sight of who she really is and quickly spirals into someone she’s not.

From the beginning doubts about the whole situation are constantly swirling around in the back of Jessica’s mind. She is skeptical about everything and knows what she is embarking on is wrong on many levels. But she knows if she doesn’t marry Anthony Milton, Grace’s entire fortune will be handed over to the government. Jessica doesn’t have it in her heart to let that happen and feels she must take the millions in order to stay loyal to Grace’s wishes. “[Jessica] wonder[s] weather Grace would scold [her] for being so childish