Importance Of Character Lenss

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My preferred lens is actually none. It is more centered to all four lens. In my opinion I tend to be more rights and responsibilities lens. I think that it depends on the circumstances of situations that influence my actions and decisions. I often identify the pros and cons of a situation. I am also able to adapt easily in given situations. I feel that this can be both good and a bad quality which accounts for my gift of balance. I sometimes use my adaptability to make mature and conscious decisions. While other times I try to find a solution that pleases all parties. My inventory states that I do not have a blind spot. Yet, sometimes I feel that this can be a hindering factor in making the right decision, which could ultimately be a blind spot for me. I think some of my strengths are being able to rationalize. I use a combination of rationality and intuition to make decisions. My core value are autonomy, rationality, equality and sensibility. My classical values are prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude. I strongly believe that each situation varies on circumstance. Therefore, you should use each lens accordingly to decide on a course of action. Some of my weaknesses may include indecisiveness, confusion and inaction. It may be overly important that everyone agree before coming to a solution which in some cases may hinder progression. Another weakness may be me running the risk of feeling superiority over others if I misjudge my vantage point on being able to see