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Courses after 12th commerce without math If you don’t have a penchant for Mathematics, you need not worry. Commerce without math also has many career opportunities. There are a number of courses which do not require math as a tool like CA, banking, business management and much more. Knowledge of the subject is however not harmful at all and you can basic tricks and skills regarding mathematics. Here is a list of subjects for 10+2 commerce:
• Accountancy
• Economics
• Mathematics
• Business
• Finance
• Business economics
• Cost accounting
• Income tax
• Auditing
• Business finance
• Marketing
• Business law As a 12th class student you must be aware of the basic concepts of economics, accountancy, mathematics and business studies.
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So, to abridge this confusion, we have come up with some prospective jobs apposite for the commerce students.

Following are the courses you can pursue in commerce without opting for mathematics
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Studies
Bachelor of Management Studies
Chartered Accountancy
1. Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce is a college degree in Commerce and is offered at Colleges all over the nation. The term for a B.Com. course is 3 years and students who have effectively passed their Higher Secondary Examination can get admission in the program. B.Com. is one of the well known college courses among students. B.Com. in India is offered in three modes – B.Com. (Pass course), B.Com. (Respects) and B.Com. (Professional).
Bachelor of Commerce-core subjects
International Business
Business Mathematics
Business Communication
Duration-3 Years
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Bachelor of Business Studies The Business Studies degree course is intended to give you a prologue to the establishments of business and guide you to a specialization in economics, management, finance, marketing or HR. The Bachelor of Business Studies or the B.B.S Courses are an undergraduate course that consolidates the parts of business and finance. In the business segment are the subjects that identify with efficient hierarchical reviews, marketing, financial aspects, HR and others. In the finance area the course focuses on subjects that are identified with finance like organizational finance studies, computing and accounting. Bachelor of Business Studies-core subjects
Introduction to Modern Business
Basic Statistics
Microeconomics and its applications
Business communication
Computing tools for business management Duration-03 years

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