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Importance of Communication Kamesha Ealom Composition1 English 1001 S14 June 28, 2012 Julie King South University Online

Communicating effectively is a must posse’s skill, although it is important it also pertains to listening. Many people use all kinds of different ways to communicate with people all over the world; Internet is one of the most popular ways of communicating in the world today, mail merge, text messaging, video conference, etc., the world has found impressive ways of staying in touch and are finding new ways of evolving. (htt)
Organization currently uses the World Wide Web for internal communication facilities to promote and enhance team work. The Internet gives you the ability to transmit and receive information at a fast rate to and from one another and workgroups all over the world. Learning different ways of communicating gives you a sense of confidents of knowing what goal is intended when it comes to asking a certain question or solving a problem. There are many ways of improving your communicating skills: learning different styles of communication, being aware of non-verbal communication, learn how to manage conflicts or issues, active listening, and how to ask the right questions are keys and improving your communication skills. Retrieved from
Improving communication in the work place can teach an employer how to resolve difficult situation before it becomes a serious problem, improving employees Morales will make them more likely successful in their position. Administrative professionals with strong interpersonal abilities are able to build rapport with colleagues. They know whose expertise to tap when they need assistance and are adept at resolving conflicts and building consensus among team members: Here are some ways to hone your communication skills:
* Prepare- the better prepared you are, the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel and the less apprehensive you’ll be.
* Listen well- Doing so will help you avoid interrupting others and will assist you in welcoming different perspective.
* Clarify your objectives and focus- Take a moment to organize your thoughts so that your questions or statements are clear and concise.
* Brush upon your writing- Consider enrolling in a business writing course. Make sure documents flow, with transitions between paragraphs. Don’t stray away from the main idea.
* Proofread all written communications-