Importance Of Communication In Communication

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I get you.

Hands sweating, fast heart beat, walking around in circles while repeating every word of your speech over and over again, body trembling, and I could keep going. These are the usual symptoms when you are about to speak in a meeting room with just 5 people or in a company conference with more than 300 colleagues.

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the fact of not communicating your idea effectively. Though it is important not only to trust yourself but also to be confident of the different tools you have available to make your presentation flow smoothly.

PRINTS. Particularly, I like to print my presentations and write down either a few lines or a keyword that summarizes what I want to communicate in each slide. I usually choose the three-slide per page format since it has lines next to each of them. For those who are used to writing down every single word - been there, done that - applying this practice forces you to be brief and keep your focus on the important message of each slide. It also sets you free from feeling attached to each word of your speech showing that you are confident about your subject and that you can improvise in case of any interruption. In addition, you may even find out that some slides
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To go back, repeat the same action. In order to control the slides, you should have your prints next to you with all the slides numbered. This function allows you to save time, avoiding the annoying process of pressing the “Next” or “Previous” button trying to reach the desired slide. By the way, it applies to hidden slides too. Another example is to type the letter “B” to turn your screen black and capture the attention of the audience when you don´t want them to be distracted by your slide while you are making a