Importance of Communication in Work Place Essay

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Importance of communication in work place

Communication is the effective exchange of meaning or understanding applies to both formal and informal communication. Communication skills are necessary for smooth relations with other people. They can be your family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. Good communication is very important aspect to any job. Communication is important in all levels of an organization. For example, co-workers may communicate amongst themselves. Communication is more than merely keeping the employees updated as to what may be going on in your organization or in the company at large. To do that, all you need is an email message and a computer. Real communication is far more than a few words strung together and delivered to your employees. If you believe that you will not need strong communication skills in a technical field such as accounting or information technology, think again. A recent poll of 1,400 chief financial officers sponsored by Accountemps revealed that 75 percent said that verbal, written, and interpersonal skills are more important today than they were in the past.(Refer from chapter 1 communication Skills as career Filters page number 3)

The changes in technology have introduced many different forms of communication with others in the workplace and with the clients. Unfortunately, basic writing skills need to achieve the intended goals has gone by the wayside. Companies are moving beyond domestic markets, you may be interacting with people from many cultures. As a successful business communicator, you will want to learn about other cultures. You will also need to develop intercultural skills including sensitivity, flexibility, patience, and tolerance. Good communication skills are extremely important in working together successfully in all team environments, especially if members do not meet face-to-face. You may even become part of a virtual team whose members are in remote locations and who communicate almost exclusively electronically. You will be making decisions and communicating them to customers, to fellow employees, and to executives (Refer from chapter 1 communication Skills as career Filters page number 6)

Team work in an environment where effective communication is very crucial it deals with both internal and external customers on a daily basis. For internal customers have different types of