Importance Of Cultural Awareness In Health Care

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AWARENESS OF BIASES/STEREOTYPES IN HEALTH CARE 2 Cultural awareness and sensitivity is very important in health care. The administering of equitable care throughout the industry is a goal that health care professionals, regardless of the specialty, should strive to achieve. Cultural competency is key to various cultures receiving proper care. The health care professional’s passion should be to show compassion to all people. Effective communication is important between the two for the appropriate information to be conveyed and received and the appropriate treatment rendered. One of the barriers is ineffective intercultural communication skills between health care professional and the patient/client. …show more content…
In doing so, it is important to be aware that there is not a “one size fits all”, for a particular culture -since that would be stereotyping. When dealing with cultures we should not make generalizations or assumptions about the ethnic group being treated, but make the health care more individualized
AWARENESS OF BIASES/STEREOTYPES IN HEALTH CARE 3 by asking the client questions. In the health care field there are often unspoken biases, stereotypes and prejudices that are expressed in non-verbal ways.

CONCLUSION Our cultural diversity as a nation is quickly increasing. In light of these differences, health care services should be provided to all people despite ethnicity and cultural origins. We need to meet each culture where they are. This requires us to look inside ourselves and ask “why do we do what we do?” Is this the best way? When it comes to medical treatment and the interaction of health care professionals with various cultures, it is necessary to understand each culture’s needs and tendencies to health conditions in order to render proper