Importance Of Democracy In Hong Kong

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Are Singapore and Hong Kong proof enough that well being does not need democracy?

According to Aristotle, “in a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme”1. This quote in Politics indicates that the poor will less likely be marginalized under a democratic regime because they will be more represented with the vast amount of the population. Non-democracies are often criticized that the rulers only concern about the upper class even though there are more of the lower class. Democracy seems to many people that it is very ideological. Some regard it as the best form of government. However, throughout the years, democracy has proven its strengths and
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The lack of democracy will jeopardize the judicial system in Hong Kong as it will be influenced by Beijing who will choose the candidate of the chief executive election. As a result, the choice of chief justice will be influenced and therefore it will have an impact on the rule of law. Hong Kong might lose independence in the judiciary, thus, the ranking of the rule of law of Hong Kong might be affected. Democracy is needed to reverse our lifestyle back to the one we used to enjoy during the colonial time. Through democracy, Hong Kong citizens could choose the leader who they desire to be represented by, and will defend our rights. The head of state will also be more accountable to the people. Therefore, democracy, which was originally introduced by the British government is the solution and answer to the well being in Hong …show more content…
This idea of comparing value set with money was from a book by a Taiwanese pastor. Indeed this phrase is an irony about how people only know about accumulation of wealth but nothing else. Well being as shown in the definition is not only about the economic success but also many other aspects, such as the satisfaction of citizens towards the society. Many figures have proven that Hong Kong and Singapore have been doing very well economically. Nevertheless, there are many other things that citizens treasure in the state. Democracy is needed in both states to maintain its well being. The term democracy were first introduced to the citizens in Hong Kong and Singapore by the British. Some might argue that without the British, people in Hong Kong would not have been fighting for democracy. Very likely Hong Kong would have been following the path of China all these years if weren’t for the British. However, the idea of democracy has ingrained in the citizens of Singapore and Hong Kong that it becomes vital for both states to obtain democracy. As mentioned above, democracy will bring back the political stability and the lifestyle Hong Kong once experienced during the British colonial era and