Importance Of Discovery

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Discovery whether inner, personal or discovered through journey, is the process of gaining wisdom, knowledge or experience through challenges endured and conquered. The insight gained formed discoveries usually impact positively impact on future experiences. Discovery can be a personal experience that teaches us the ways of life, inner journeys that occur from the acknowledgement of mistakes or a realisation of life being a journey on which you discover of the traditions of others. “Romantic love painting” is a pastel based painting that depicts two people walking down a vibrantly lighted pathway. It conveys the idea of personal discovery between a couple through curiosity of trials and challenges within the unknown through its use in balance, colour, characters and symbols. The artwork is organised into three distinct sections, the first is characterised by its use of vibrant, warm, comforting colours, the 2nd by its gloomy, purple hues & cold colours & the 3rd which shows us a reflection of people being left behind by the pair. Each section is significant in conveying a message relevant to discovery. The unison between the pair is shown through their proximity to each other & the sharing of the umbrella; their proximity implies that they are a couple and that they share the same issues in life like they share the same umbrella. The figures in the reflection on the ground are portrayed as white, which is a positive shade when considering a characters’ perceived judgement over another, this reveals that the relationship between them and the couple is a positive one; possibly friends and family. Leaving these friends and family was the first obstacle required to overcome before true discovery away from their comfort zone could begin. The left section of the artwork is very vibrant and offers a sense of safety and security in the light of the sunset coloured lamps; this heavily contrasts with the right side which has dead branches poking out of its foreboding fog. The artist has used depth & colour to contrast between the two sides with the comforting lamps being closer and the foreboding woods further out across the lake, because it is further out the gloomy section represents the distant lands of the unknown that are waiting to be discovered by the couple as they walk determined down the pathway in an attempt to reach it. This ultimate goal of the couple is justified by their positional placement in relation to the contrasting sections & the emotions portrayed by their body language. Their position in the piece is slightly off-centre to the right to show that they are leaning towards the direction of the land unknown, while their arms are being held close to their bodies, this is sign of fear or intimidation as they are moving closer and closer to something unknown and awaiting discovery. Through the afore mentioned elements the artwork depicts the challenges faced by the couple as they move together to discover the cold, cruel world by themselves. “Nature Retaliates” is a graphic that depicts man attempting to conquer the ocean through the ways of war to which the ocean, wild and untameable, rises to meet them. The graphic illustrates an inner discovery made as man comes to the realisation of their mistake that no matter how great or a powerful a force, nature is it owns entity & cannot be conquered. The ocean is a symbol for nature, is it portrayed as savage and wild through abstract shapes of creatures lining the crest and through the dark tones used by the composer. These creatures give nature the human like quality to communicate the emotion of anger and defiance towards the perpetrators who are trying to conquer them. The discovery of the error in their ways by man is shown through their reaction of fear towards the sudden savagery of nature. Originally towards man it may have seemed liked the ocean was no threat and the battle would be simple, after all they had the high ground in comparison to the ocean’s normal