Importance Of Education Essay

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Joey Logan

English Comp 1

February 3, 2012

A Degree

Why are we in college? What do we expect to get out of college? I know how you answered both of those questions and it was to get a good paying job of course. But what if I told you that you could get a high paying job without having a college degree. However college is still important and I will tell you why. The main reason most of us think we are attending college for is to get a high paying job. However you are very capable of having a great job without going to college. This is the land of opportunity, you can start in the bottom of a company and work your way up with ease if you work hard and are disciplined. Let me tell you for example, my father was working dead end low pay jobs until he decided he didn’t want to work like that for the rest of his life. So he got a job in a large company that dealt with installing phone systems. He kept this job for a few years, learned the trade and started his own small business using his friends and connections he made working for that company. He kept building the business up through years of work and now owns a very profitable small business. Us going to college is just an updated version of what my father did. We attend a large university and start learning just like my father joined the large company and started learning. But what I think most of us don’t understand is that we do not have to complete a degree to be successful. Completing a degree would be like my father staying in this large company and waiting to be promoted until he had the position he wanted. Instead once we have the information and the skills we need to be successful we should go out into the working world and try to put them to the test. For some it might be a year and for others it might be eight years but when we are comfortable with our knowledge that’s when I think we should venture out and try to become successful.
Also when my father worked for this large company he met people and got connections that were very valuable. Just like we are doing in college, we are meeting new people from all different walks of life. we learn from them connect with them and ultimately grow as a person. It is very