Importance Of Foundation For Futures

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Foundation for Futures My shirt is clearly getting wet from all my sweat, yes I am nervous. This EWRT 211 class is my first class as a college student and is also the first class I took in U.S. I was quite surprised as how my first class are not as hard as I had prepared. Ms. Wilson, my professor was late for more than half an hour on that day. This gave me quite a bad impression of her, while on the other hand this much spare time means that I am allowed to get to know my classmates better. It has always been fun getting to know people from other country. Since I was placed in EWRT 211, means that I need to work hard, be serious, correct my mistakes and learn what I had not learned to climb my way up. When Ms. Wilson finally arrived, yet again I was surprised this time, by her appearance. She is quite an elder, she might even be older than my grandmother. What really sting me, is that she's not very good at teaching. Her excuse is that she used to teach higher level class. I am quite speechless by the conditions I am right at that moment. Sometimes she even forgot about homework that she gave us and would said that she had never told us to do any homework when clearly the whole class remember what she said and brought the homework with them. At that time I thought to my myself, the only way I could learn are by asking my friends which are taking EWRT 211 but with different professor questions. I might not learn much from her, but I managed to grasp the concept of this class by constantly ask for an updates from my fellow Indonesian friends at other EWRT 211 class. I can still say I learn quite much in EWRT 211, for example: I learn about PIA, learn about thesis statement, and about how to write essay properly . There are a lot of things that different when I write an essay before and after attending Ms. Wilson class. The most outstanding differences is how I learn to write thesis statement. It has been normal for me to write essay but to write thesis statement is a completely new for me. I understand that the ability to write good thesis would make it easier for me for future when I am about to transfer to UC or to apply for a job. This class has been my foundation that would build my career and future and by understanding this, I would say that I am prepared for the next challenge and to be able to grow more. I would pass EWRT 211 and take English 1A class next quarter which is winter quarter 2014. I will not spend another quarter learning things I have learned, it would be waste of time and money. The reason I would be able to handle English 1A is that I have learned about PIE. The three important keys of writing a well organized essay known as Point, Information, Explanation. I understand that when I focus on these three the reader