Importance Of Health Promotion

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in this assinemnt i am goig to explain health promotion and health protecton, i will then explain an approprate metod to prevent/control tb and stroke, as they are the communicable and non-communicable disease. health promotion is the process of allowing people to use control over the determainats of health and so improing there health. as a concept and set of parctical strateiegs it remains an important guide in addressing the major health challenges faced by developing and devloped nations that involve communicable and non-communicable diesases and reservations linked to the health of bumans and the development. health promotion is a process linked towords getting people to take action. so health promotion is not something that is done on or to people its done by, with and for people weater they are in groups or indevidual. the aim of this activity is so that it can strengthen the skills and capabilities of indiviuals to take action and the capacity of groups or communities to act collectively to exert control over the determinants of health and achieve positive change. the health protection service use to be called communicable disease control center (CDCC) in the PHA, has a big role in protecting the population form infection and hazereds that could be enviromental, though a range of core functions including monotoring and savalance, operational support , advice , education, tranning and resarch. the health protection service is delivred by a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses,emergency planners and scieniffic, surveillance and also administrative staff. the service coordinates its acute responce functions for the hralth protection, duy room that is in the PHA eastern offcie in linehall street belfast. it is the first ponit off call for health professionals and other agencies regarding all health protection incidents/queries with in the working hours. multi-disciplinary, consultant-led health protection teams have been developed around key work areas, surge capacity for major incident response is given by a range of staff with in the PHA. you can help preventing a stroke by makeing healty lifestyle chooses by : choosing a healthy meal and snack options can help someone to avoid having a stroke and the complications that come with it. people need to make sure that they eat as much fresh fruit and veg as the posiblely can. eatign foods low in staturated fats, trans fat and cholestorol and hoght in fiber can help people prevent getting a hight cholestorol. limiting salts (sodium) in there diet can lower there blood pressure. being obese or even overwight can increease someones chance of having a stroke. to fiuger out if someones weight is at a healthy range, doctors oftern calculate people bpfy mas index (BMI). if a person knows there weight and there hight then they can caluclate there BMI. doctors sometimes use a persons waist and hip measurermnets to measure excess body fat. physical activity can help someone keep a health weight and lower there cholesterol and blood pressure levels. for adults, the surgeon general tell people to get about 2 and a half hours of moderate-intensity exercise a week , exersise such as, takeing a brisk walk , or going on a bike ride. children and teenagers need to ger 1 hour of exerise a day. cigarette smokeing increases the chances of haveing a stroke in a big way. if someone does not smoke then they should not start. if someone does smoke then they need to cut down and slowly quit and that will lower the chances of a stroke . a doctor can help people to quit smokeing by giving advice. people shold avoid drinking too much alcohol, as it can rasie a persons bloo pressure. men should have no more then 2 drinks per day, and women only 1. most important in TB prevention is for people with infectious tb to take their medicines as perciribed. if someone is takeing medication, they require regular chck ups and possibly additional cheast x-rays or sputum teasts to show if the