Importance Of Healthy Bones

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What to do for healthy bones?

Bones strengthen your body and allow free movement. They ensure that all the different parts of your body are protected. Bone is a living and developing tissue. It is generally made of two materials: collagen, a protein that gives a delicate structure and calcium, a mineral that provides hardness to the bones. The combination of these two materials makes the bone solid and enables it to adapt to any kind of tension. Bone discharges calcium and different minerals into the body when you require them for different functions. They help to support the body. This makes it important to keep them healthy. Brittle bones may be something that you expect to encounter when you are in your 60s. However, it is essential to keep them strong right from the beginning. Bones continue to build until the age of 30 and this is when they break down and rebuild faster. But the rebuilding process slows down after 30. Following this, osteoporosis sets in. This causes bones to become weak and they may fracture with ease. Some may be more prone
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They lose up to 1-2% of bone weight in a year. Think about your bones as a "bank" where you "credit" and "debit" bone tissues. During your youth and high school years, new bones are added to the skeleton quicker than old bones are expelled. Subsequently, your bones wind up noticeably bigger, heavier, and denser. In case you don't do as well as you can now, to make your bones solid, you may get osteoporosis when you are older. Many individuals have osteoporosis and do not know about it. This is because bone related issues happen over a prolonged stretch of time, and it has no side effects. The primary symptom of osteoporosis might be a softened bone up the spine, the hip, or the wrist. This condition can be extremely painful and will make it troublesome for a person to walk or do the things they have to do each