Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Dear jhon, I Hope you are doing well, by the way let me introduce my self first before I come to the point. I am Methew negi and I have been hired just a couple of months ago in our company.I am working as human resources assistant and I assist Mr.Mcdonald in his work, who is a senior human resources manager in our department.My role is to recruit new employees and to manage available workforce to get the tasks done. As you know Mr.jhon that; our company has been running in this business successfully since last 30 years, and every year our company rewards it's employees who achive success during the whole year. I glade to inform you that our company has decided to reward its employee this yer too. Management has given me the responsibility to organize this event, and I have accepted it. I would like to mention flow of the moment in brief. We have this program on Feb. 23rd 2014. This year the function is going to be held at " Hotel Shereton", Downtown,Toronto. . The event will start at 7:00 O'clock in the evening.This event will be a traditional black-tie event, perfect for the in company event. AN event will begiain with motivating speech of our C.E.O. The award ceremony will start around 7:30P.M.T.All togather there will be 10 winners . Each of them will be rewarded by our C.E.O Mr. Kevin Smith. An apriciation bufet dinner will also be there with live orchestra music. After having a dinner, around at 9:00 O'clock guest will leave for home. I believe that is alwas batter to involve in such company organized events. It helps to come togather with couligues and it is really memorable experience. It is a chance to get an attention of your boss; as a result,it is far batter for your growth in the company. You have been working in the company as a assistant purchase manager over three years; as a result, I would like to involve you in this project. I will have requirment of team with almost 3 people to manage this event; If you wish,I want you to take a part in this task. Now, let's have a look at your duties involved in this project. Having an experience of three years as a purchasing manager, I would perfer you for purchasing of materials and to maintain flow of supply. You will have to:purchase invitation cards, medals for award ceremony and to hire the catering service. I think