Importance Of Human Resource Management

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There is no doubt that organizations worldwide are striving for success and out-competing those in the same industry. In order to do so, organizations have to obtain and utilize her human resources effectively. Organizations need to be aware of face more realistically towards keeping their human resources up-to-date. In so doing, managers need to pay special attention to all the core functions of human resource management as this plays an important role in different organizational, social and economically related areas among others that are influential to the attainment of the organizational goals and thus organizations successful continuation in the market. This study, therefore, goes on to discuss one of the core functions
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It is important to notice the prevailing evidence on growth of knowledge in the business corporate world in the last decade. This growth has not only been brought about by improvements in technology nor a combination of factors of production but increased efforts towards development of organizational human resources. It is, therefore, in every organizations responsibility to enhance the job performance of the employees and certainly implementation of training and development is one of the major steps that most companies need to achieve this. As is clear that employees are a very important resource, it is important to optimize the contribution of employees to the company aims and goals as a means of sustaining effective performance. This therefore calls for managers to ensure a sufficient supply of staff that is technically and socially well qualified and capable of career development into specialist departments or management positions …show more content…
The sub goals included are as follows:
 What training programs exist in the telecommunications sector?
 What are the training objectives?
 What methods are used and do these methods meet the training objectives?
 How does training affect employee performance?
It is expected that the findings of this study will help highlight the ways in which human resource training can be beneficial not only to the organizations but also to the career development of its employees. All in all, the results pave way of improving human resources needed for the competitive performance of organizations operating in the same line of business as the sample companies in Uganda and Africa in general.

1.4. Definition of key concepts
Human Resource Management is the way organizations manage their staff and help them to develop in order to be able to execute organizations’ missions and goals successfully.
Human Resource Development is the integration of individual, career and organization development roles in order to achieve maximum productivity, quality, opportunity and fulfillment of organizations members as they work to accomplish the goals of the organization