Importance Of Indian Constitution

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What is Constitution?
A Constitution means a document having a special legal sanctity which sets out the frame-work and the principal functions of the organs of the Government of a state and declares the principles governing the operation of those organs.
By this definition we find out following points:-
• A constitution means a document having a special legal sanctity which sets out the framework and principal functions of the Government.
• It gives idea about the basic structure of the political system under which its people are to be governed.
• It defines the powers of main organ of the state, demarcates their responsibilities and regulates their relationship with each other and with the people.
• It can also be termed as “Fundamental Law” of a country which reflects people’s faith and aspirations.
What is Living Constitution?
Living Constitution is a term used
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It thus becomes necessary to have some machinery, some process, by which the constitution may be adapted from time to time in accordance with contemporary national needs.
The modes of adapting the constitution form time to time to new circumstances may either be informal or formal.
How to amend the constitution?
• In India
Indian Constitution is a balanced Constitution. The framers of the Constitution desired to secure balance and moderation in incorporating various provisions in our Constitution. As far as the amendment of the Constitution is concerned, a balance is struck in making the Constitution partly rigid and partly flexible.
Procedure of amendment:-
368. Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and procedure therefor
(1) Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, Parliament may in exercise of its constituent power amend by way of addition, variation or repeal any provision of this Constitution in accordance with the procedure laid down in this