Importance Of Information System

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Information System (IS):
Information System can be stated as a collection of information, resources, hardware, software and events that are planned to produce relevant data that supports all activities of users in an organization.
Information system works as a support system for operations, knowledge work and management in organizations.
There are various types of Information Systems:
1. Operational Support system which includes
• Transactional Processing System
2. Knowledge Support system work which includes
• Business Intelligence System
• Office Information System
• Knowledge Management System
3. Management Support system which includes
• Executive Information System
• Management Reporting System
• Decision Support System
To increase
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Management Information System (MIS) is an electronic system that delivers relevant data to the management, to assist in decision-making and operational business management.
Let’s split MIS in 2 terms - “Management” and “Information System”:
Management is the process of scheduling, establishing, aiming and monitoring the resources of organization to achieve business ideas efficiently.
Information system is a set of interconnected modules that gather, store, process, produce and distribute information for active business decision-making.
MIS accumulates data from different internal/external sources, processes it and alters it into evocative and beneficial information. This processed (managed) data is called information which assists in different levels of decision-making for improvising company’s efficiency.
MIS has become a requisite because of following pointers and functions:
• Increased intricacy of business
• Insanely competitive
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DSS would work effectively when following pointers and functions are taken into consideration:
• Members involved should have precise understanding the objective of the process
• Process to be designed in a way which fulfills the requirements for all possible situations and also which can accommodate the fluctuating issues, data necessities and the time/meeting constraints measures
• Accountability should be given to the members who initiated the process
• Targets/deadlines to be adhered during the process
• Monitoring the decision during the course of process is another important element to be taken care of
PantMax should be involved in various kinds of decision levels for Sales growth:
a) Strategic level decision (Unstructured decision)
 Decisions taken by top-management which deals with strategic planning for the money-making.
 Decisions not well-defined
 No definite set of rules and techniques to be followed
 Major focus is for solving long-term complex requirement