Importance Of Job Satisfaction

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People live in a multicultural society, where different sets of values and principles interact on a daily basis. In business, people from different parts of the world work together in an environment so rich in diverse cultural ideas and attitudes that it presents a huge chance for development through the huge flow of creative ideas, or the total opposite: an environment that easily can spark conflicts. Globalization integrates different concepts about job satisfaction and adds a new dynamic to this rich world of opportunities. Regardless of origins, it is hard for an employee to perform a job day after day and still feel thrilled over time, or worse, for an employee to have a job that he/she never enjoyed in the first place. How can management reach higher levels of job satisfaction? How does the
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This research focuses on the meaning of job satisfaction, its challenges, and how to effectively increase employee satisfaction. The aim of this research is to explore the sense of job satisfaction and the struggles employees face in government organizations by using a case study of different organizations in the UAE. One of the main research findings is job satisfaction is based on effective management, communication, facilities, and benefits, including salaries, technologies, and future job directions.

The definition of job satisfaction is the enjoyable and emotional state resulting from the evaluation of one’s job or job experiences; the employee feels fulfillment and pride in achieving the business’s goals. Job satisfaction occurs when someone feels he/she has proficiency, value, and is worthy of recognition. Therefore, job satisfaction is a worker’s sense of achievement and is generally noted to be directly associated to improved efficiency as well as to personal welfare. Job satisfaction is the belief of the employee that he/she is doing a good job, enjoying the process, and being suitably rewarded for the