Importance Of Large Roles And Responsibilities

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Unclear roles and responsibilities are common in today’s society and they can result in failure to a team’s success. Important tasks "slipping through the cracks", timing, frustration, poor communication and conflict are some of the main reasons for any teams down fall. As a team there should be an understanding to the importance of establishing and implementing standard team roles and responsibilities. A team has to implement strategies for developing and clarifying your teams and your individual roles and responsibilities. In a team, there can be problems, such as interpersonal conflicts between team members, resentment and blame, important task being missed and differing and unclear expectations. These are just a few common problems that teams may encounter when individual roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined. The strength of any team is greater than the sum of one individual on it. Roles are the positions team members undertake or the parts they play in a particular procedure. Responsibilities are the precise task that members are expected to complete as a function of their roles. They are the detailed activities for which they are held responsible for when they are assigned to a task. The importance of roles and responsibilities are significant, these two task can make or break teams. There are roles, such as a caretaker, catalyst, spokesperson, optimist, pessimist and realist. These are some examples of the kinds of roles and responsibilities that