Importance Of Leadership In Leadership

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The outcome I envision for myself at the end of the academic year is that I have a better understanding of what is required to become an effective leader and having the ability and confidence to apply this new-found knowledge in my current role at work. Also, by completing this course I have improved my critical thinking skills which can be applied to other courses going forward in my academic pursuits. In addition, by completing this course I am that much closer to completing my degree. I am currently studying toward my Bachelor of Arts, Integrated Studies degree with major in Economics and minor in Psychology. My GPA recently dropped just under 3.00 which I can live with, although I would like to maintain a GPA over 3.00. I know I can improve by working harder and maintaining …show more content…
To accomplish this, I need to maintain a positive outlook every day and believe that every problem or obstacle can be overcome. This is not an easy take, however by adopting some of the leadership approaches I learned from this course it is possible. By evolving and making changes to the way I am currently live, I can improve my circumstances. For example, by planning and scheduling better I will procrastinate less both at work and as a student. If your “out on the balcony” to long, then nothing gets done. I also hope to adopt and work on some of the personality traits that are necessary to become an effective leader, like initiative, confidence and sociability. I will let my Supervisor know that I am interested in becoming a Manager and will look to her support and encourage me to set personal goals to make this possible. I will adapt a path-goal oriented approach by inspiring, providing direction and becoming involved in projects at work when opportunities present themselves. When participating in these projects or tasks I would set a high level of competence and integrity and work to motive