Importance Of Leadership Skills In Leadership

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This topic for this individual assignment is to measure the leadership skills learned from my internship in Building Department of Hong Kong Government. Leadership skill is kind of thing that build with time and tasks in order to develop that can learn from school such as joining the academic or interest society in University. However, I think the real working environment will give you an opportunity of real-time training so that I would like to measure the achievement in leadership skill in this internship. In this assignment, I will analyse my leadership skill index by the five weeks data from 13th October 2014 to 16th November 2014 as an indicator to evaluate my performance to be a leader from the concepts and indicators to
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I had worked there for 3 months. Also, I found that working as a marketing officer is not only trained my technical skill but also my leadership skill because I have to work as a team to come up a marketing plan with my team and need to present to my department executive and whole department. Every team of people need a leader to give direction to members. Sometimes I need to be a team member to assist with my teammates but sometimes I have to be the leader to plan a project and get it done. Hence, the idea of measure my leadership skill has come to my mind. And it will include all my leadership building goals and requirements to accomplish. It helps to evaluate one of the achievements in leadership skill from my …show more content…
For the personal traits, the assertive, positive personal image is the most important trait as the leader should have credible image to let group-mates trust them. The positive attitude towards failure is also needed as the responsibility of leaders is to inspire and motivate their group. Lastly, facing with changing environment and situation with flexibility help the group identify itself and make a instant decision to tackle