Importance Of Metacognition In Music

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Meta #7 The first time I watched the ball counting video it turned out to be quite the struggle. Although, I did get the count right, I found it hard to keep up with all the moving bodies. Along with, them not always passing the ball, there were times they decided to dribble the ball instead of pass, which was very misleading. Then, the weirdest part of the video, was the random gorilla running into the video. This probably threw everyone off due to it being something completely odd. What I was feeling during this entire video was confusion. I couldn't understand why everyone was moving around, instead of just passing the ball around, and then why they decided to have a gorilla just walk into the shot. Another misperception I have come across with, is with my ears. It happens often when people talk really fast to me, and I am not paying full attention. What normally happens is a hear the last part of they're sentence, or I hear the completely wrong thing and try to fill in the blanks. The other problem would be when I am listening to music. Especially rap music; they talk so fast that sometimes words get mixed up and you think one word is another.

Meta #8 My metacognition has grown immensely in the seven weeks I have been writing these journals. The reason is one part being the psychology class. I never really thought about things the way I do now since taking the course. What I know about things now is completely different from back at the beginning of the year. Reason being is that I am also more mature. I have been on my own for awhile now, living in my own apartment, buying my own food. It is only natural that the maturation process has grown, and that I think in different ways. The only way I can make sure that my metacognition improves, or stay where it is at, is to remember my past experiences and how I coped with them. By doing the little things right, I can assure that my metacognition can grow, and expand.