Importance Of Organisational Behaviour

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1 Introduction
Firms in today’s world are under extreme pressure to ensure that all demands and safety measures are taken for their staff, for example health and safety up to date, water charges, training done and up to date and keeping the business up to a high standard. Recession and competition also have a great effect on firms today which can lead to stressful managers and staff. Organisational Behaviour is nothing more than understanding and development of people skill. This project will focus on Organisational Behaviour and the different topics that will help to understand each person and their behaviour in their working environment. 1.1 Defining Organisational Behaviour
Organisational Behaviour or also known as Behavioural Science
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This school didn’t occur till 1910. Its belief was that management was a science not a theory. The man over this was Frederick Taylor (1856-1915). He was a manufacturing manager who eventually became a consultant and taught other managers how to apply the principles of scientific management. Taylor has been branded as the ‘Father of Scientific Management’. He had principles associated with him and this topic. This scientific management was recognized that workers have certain but different jobs and responsibilities to each other, encouraged training and development of workers and ensured workers had equal work between them and management. Taylors work on the Scientific Management was not published until the year …show more content…
Behavioural Observation: This is also known as Personal inventories. It is the most straightest and objective way to gather information. The observer counts certain behaviour qualities such as anxiety, aggression. Although you have to ask the question in a definite manner so that you see the behaviour thoroughly as the question can be interrupted in lots of various ways. The questioner has to define what trait they are looking for, understand the behaviours of it and think of questions that will help them to show that trait.

Interviewing: This way of measuring Personality is sitting face-to-face to each other. This is the most relaxed and content out of all the options. It’s a great way to gather information and can lead to the person being more appealing, compassionate and being more open when answering questions. The main downfall of the interview can be that the questions given or ask may not be given clearly or defined clearly. The answer written back might show that the question was