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4 March 2013 Peace…. Impossible! Peace in Northern Ireland is utterly impossible! There are too many unhappy people. There is no way there is going to be peace, because the English do not want the Catholics to have their freedom. However, the Catholics want the same rights as the Protestants. In the end, Catholics and Protestants show they do not want to interact with each other. Moreover, peace in Northern Ireland is impossible.
During the signing of the Peace Accord in 1998, it stated, “intending to guarantee the rights of Catholics” (McMahon 235). Even though, it states in the Peace Accord that the Catholics have their rights, but the English do not want that. In fact, “in 1921 Catholics and Protestant were both guilty of murder and mayhem” (McMahon 235). That shows at an early stage the English did not want the Catholics and Protestants to have their own say. Nevertheless, the Protestants and the Catholics have rights but the English blamed what was happening on them. Furthermore, this all shows that the English has something against the Catholics and the Protestants.
Moreover, “Catholics wanted to have the same rights as Protestants” (McMahon 235). This led to “a series of protest marches across Northern Ireland” (McMahon 235). Because the Catholics had a series of marches, the catholic demonstrators were being attacked. Likewise, Catholic homes were being ransacked “by mobs who believed that the Catholics were not

Moran2 entitled to equal rights” (McMahon 235). In addition, to all this, people were disagreeing with each other. By disagreeing they show that some people do not like Protestants and other people do not like the Catholics. This leads to believe that both the