Importance Of Physical Education

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What is health and physical education?
Health is the physical spiritual and emotional wellbeing of an individual. Physical education is the study which allows individuals to increase health.

Objectives of physical education
• To achieve and maintain health and fitness.
• To create a physically active lifestyle.
• To demonstrate personal and social attributes in a physical setting.
• To demonstrate understanding among people.
• To aid in the development of motor skills.
• To develop an environment for recreation.
• To build self-awareness and esteem
• To help individual with self-fulfillment.

International History
Within the mid 19 centuries, England was involved in creating their own sport which revolves around kicking a ball. However,
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The Field of Play
2. The Ball
3. The Number of Players
4. The Players' Equipment
5. The Referee
6. The Assistant Referees
7. The Duration of the Match
8. The start and restart of play
9. Ball in and out of play
10. The Method of Scoring
11. Offside
12. Fouls and Misconduct
13. Free kicks (direct and indirect)
14. The Penalty Kick
15. The Throw-in
16. The Goal Kick
17. The Corner Kick

Competition rules
• The competition shall be 40 minutes long, 20 minutes halves and 5 min break
• If there’s a draw they are 3 penalties to declare winner.
• Players must dress to the color of their house in plain colors.
• There shall be ONLY 9 players per team one must be FEMALE along with 5 substitutes.
• Players should respect all event official and team members at all time.
• Is team is liable to a maximum of 5 substitutes only allowing after first halves unless there’s an injury.
• On the day of the competition each house heads has to be there with their team.
• Competition will take the format of straight
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Such responsibility I see myself handling effectively and intend to portray the precise attributes of.
Secondly, being an organized individual assists with this role since the competition director is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the event being planned. In addition I have prior knowledge of football.
Finally, I always wanted to direct my own sporting event with my main interest being football and now I am using this school based assessment as the perfect opportunity to show my interest in directing a football competition.
In conclusion, I have great interest in directing competitions, I possess attributes fit for a competition director and have knowledge of the sport chosen.

General Roles and responsibilities of competition director

• Ultimately responsible for the conduct of the event being planned
• Convenes a series of meeting with the organizing committee to plan and execute the event.
• Provide guidance and support to members of the organizing committee in execution of their duties.
• In conjunction with the committee, selects the format and decides on the characteristics of the competition-team sizes-roles-modifications for