Importance Of Problem Solving

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Problem solving or puzzling situations where there seem to be no simple solution, teases the brain and it begins to wonder how and tries to create its own solutions. During this the child is deeply engaged and focuses mainly on the ideas or solutions related to the subject area or this activity is also known as engaging in constructive activity or activities. This is necessary to note due to the fact that in many cases children sometimes engage in idle activities during sessions and introducing such activities will help keep our pupils focused because even as adults we too have problems with our attention span much less our pupils. Puzzles and problem solving not only helps the pupils to remain focus but also helps them to feel connected to what is being taught and gives them a better understanding and understanding leads to motivation. When children are motivated they pay attention and they do their utmost to complete tasks assigned and they would have that negative feeling inside telling them that they cannot do it because due to motivation they believe that they can. …show more content…
When tackling other problems in life they will be confident in their approaches. Personally for me as a child I did not quite believe that I could solve such problems on my own because when I read them I would think of them as too hard for me and I were almost sure that I would use the wrong approach(es), however, by constant practice not only did problem solving activities in the classroom help me to remain focus but also build my confidence in solving both in class and personal