Importance Of Professionalism In The Workplace

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Durham 1
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Alana Durham
BSAD 220 102: T TH 11:30
Professor Crump
27 January 2016

Professionalism Professionalism to me is the ability to act like an adult in the work force. It’s about setting personal feelings and actions aside to get the job done. A professional employee can be expected to produce quality work in a timely manner. Professionalism means to employers that the work they delegate to their employees will be completed in a way that is satisfactory. Professionalism is a key aspect in the workplace and can also be utilized in the classroom. According to Webster, the act of carrying out professional behavior is defined as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize a profession or a professional person. Acting in a professional manner allows coworkers, peers, professors and executives to respect you and allows them to gain confidence in your ability to complete a task or carry out the duties diligently. During my interview and work experience at Jamba Juice, I dressed appropriately, networked with customers, and maintained a respectful relationship with my boss. I was able to utilize my resources around me by building new associations with customers and business owners in my local
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Learning how to properly compose oneself, presenting oneself properly to professors and punctuality with time management skills are all key aspects of professionalism that can be practiced in the classroom and applied in the workplace. In my first semester at Loyola, I have tremendously improved my professional skills and learned how to market myself appropriately. As a more introverted person, I struggled with my ability to confidently speak in public, and although I am still striving to improve, I have definitely gained progress in the classroom that will benefit me in the