Importance Of Project Management

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Reflection Summary Week 5
Team D

Reflection Summary Week 4 lesson had numerous take away for our team. An example is the in class lecture we learned about the importance of Project Management. We reviewed what the benefits of hiring a Project Manager within the company and the benefits of outside resources. Overall, hiring a project manager will help guide the project and demonstrate efficiency, and cost effectiveness in the project. Having a project manager will give your employee’s a roadmap from A to Z; ending in a completed project and a happy client. Demonstrating your employees, efficiency will help enhance your company’s effectiveness in delivering great customer service. In addition, our team learned more about how important presentations are and how they can help you explain what you are trying to say. We learned how important Excel is to those that use it daily. It is a very easy way to calculate things that you may need in an Accounting field. This week has really been fun for our team.
Workplace and Personal Application Our team learned that personal use of Project Management applies at home as well with our day-to-day routine. We have to encompass a plan everyday to get to work by a scheduled time and within that time; we need to make it to work as scheduled. We need to complete the task placed upon us daily with the expectations of the task assigned to us to be complete. As far as the use of Project Management in