Importance Of Remembering The Holocaust

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Maya Angelou once said, “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” There are many times in history where problems occur based off of hatred or intolerance towards one another. One of the most gruesome historical event in time nearly happened eighty-four years ago and that is the Holocaust. This tragic event was a genocide in which nearly six million were European Jews and nearly five million others died at the hands of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis. Being able to acknowledge histories that are difficult and horrid will allow history to not repeat itself. In addition, acknowledging difficult histories allows us to learn from past mistakes that were made in history and let's us change history for the greater good. …show more content…
I can apply the importance of remembering the Holocaust to my life by learning the lessons on what the Holocaust has to offer. Remembering the Holocaust allows me to learn that no one can imagine or even go through what the Jews had gone through. All I can do is try to understand and remember the Holocaust. In addition, to applying the importance of remembering the Holocaust to my life, the Holocaust allows me to know that my choices matter in life. In addition to that, I should not just watch something happen before my eyes. Instead, I should do something and help someone out like rescuers in the Holocaust who took the risk and aided to the Jews. Also, the Holocaust can be applied to my life by my knowledge that I should not hate someone because of their religion or race, instead I should respect them for their differences. There is no reason to hate someone just because they are a different religion, race, or skin color. Even though no one can do anything to stop the Holocaust from occurring, we can at least respect and pay tribute to the Holocaust. Teaching future generations about the Holocaust will allow the Holocaust to be forever in our minds, hearts, and