Importance Of Speaking With Friends

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Discussions take place everyday in all sorts of environments and they form the way others perceive us. When speaking to a group of friends the way an individual communicates differs from when you are speaking to a group of colleagues. The way you speak and the words you choose are very important and it is just as important to remember the environment in which you are in when you are speaking. When speaking with friends it is okay to speak casual using abbreviations and often slang however, that type of language would not be appropriate when speaking in the classroom. For example, when laughing and joking with my friends I sometime will say, “girl, you know you shouldn’t be doing that,” this is okay only when speaking with friends I would never use that type of language inside the classroom. If I were to blurt out in class all the time or use the same language I use with friends my classmates are open to judge me as loud, I may come off as annoying, and I am sure unintelligent. It is always best that you speak with confidence and correct grammar when in any environment but especially when you are speaking in a learning environment.

When speaking in the classroom it is important to be aware that you are in a group with others and they too may have ideas they would like to share. This means, to avoid any confusion listen first, when you are sure that you have the floor then speak. Make sure not to over talk people or always have something to say after a person. I believe it