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I think Special Education and Early Interventional are important in education because they help children out a lot with school and graduating and it makes the children feel important and like they actually matter and can graduate. Special Education services are very different in today’s society, and are especially different from the Special Education my parents and family grew up with. The field as a whole has changed, as well as requiring educators to make the shift. It has also let the children with special education sit in the same classroom as their peers so it doesn’t make the children feel different or dumb. For example back then children with special educational help were taken out of the classroom and it made them feel dumb and not wanted in the classroom. Now in today’s school the special educational children can sit in the classroom and feel important. Special Education creates an individualized and unique school plan for each child based on his/her developmental needs. Instead it is a set of education plans meant to give all children access to an appropriate education.
Special Education holds particular importance in early childhood because of early intervention. For early childhood education, early intervention is key to getting children the services and support they need early on to set them up for future school success. For example, children who need help have a teacher with them to explain and break down what the teacher is teaching and it helps them