Importance Of Speech Recognition

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1.1 Introduction

In a human interaction with the software, there are multiple needs and different priorities from one user to another. It has evolved through the years up until most people including special needs can use it. The recognition technology could be based on fingerprint, voice, or face. Speech Recognition (SR) is the process that converting a speech signal to a sequence of words [1] using special algorithm model to implement speech recognition software. There are four types of the SR system based on the speech utterance and they are isolated words, connected words, continuous speech and spontaneous speech. Isolated word speech recognition recognizes one single word at a time and it is suitable when the system is requiring
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Pattern recognition approach that is "a classification of input data via extraction important features from many noisy data"[4]. It is an approach makes a person can use applications and control them by voice. The artificial intelligence approach is a hybrid approach between the acoustic-phonetic approach and pattern recognition. It is the chosen approach in this project in a way to bridge the deep gap in communication between the people with special needs such as visually impaired people and the world around …show more content…
However, generally in Arab countries and specifically in Saudi Arabia, there is no application that assists disabled in getting enough information regarding the accessibilities provided by a specific place which causes a lot of difficulties for disabled themselves and their families. As the awareness of disabled needs' increases and several types of facilities and accessibilities are provided for them, it becomes a necessary to have an application that enables the disabled from searching and locating such places on Global Positioning System (GPS). The potential users of this project system are the people with visual disabilities or visually impaired people. Through this system, they will be able to search a location that provides a specific type of accessibilities using voice-in technique via ASR which will support the Arabic language. The system then will locate the spoken word -location name- to a matching name from the database that stores the information of the places, that supports visually impaired needs and then spell the location name to the user using the voice-out technique. Providing such an application will encourage more places to offer accessibilities for visually disabled, and will allow disabled to find the place that best suits their