Importance Of Taking Notes

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How to take University Notes
Taking notes is a way to have an external information storage
The most important points that will be tested on the exam
Taking notes during class keeps you alert and focused
Taking notes helps your brain with processing information Ex. Visual, auditory etc.
Helps if you read the assigned material before the lecture to better understand what the professor is talking about
Reviewing the lecture notes from the last lecture helps you get prepared for the next lecture
By bringing your own materials you can be better prepared for note taking
Taking notes helps you develop a more positive attitude towards the class

Always put the date and title of the lecture to keep track of what the professor will be talking about if they use past notes in a lecture
Make sure to copy and annotate diagrams and graphs to help yourself understand the lecture in more detail
Use headings, subheadings and indentations to help the notes be more organized and readable
Leave space after taking the notes in case you remember anything that you could add later on

Don’t record the professor word by word by word because you won’t be able to keep up
Pick out the key words of the lecture
Always make sure to put the notes in your own words so you can understand the lecture in your own way
Make sure to focus on the key points during the lecture

Make the points stand out!!
Listen to the verbal cure for something important Ex. Pausing, slowing down, checking their notes, repeating information, speaking louder, stating the importance and the