Importance Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

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The Bill of Rights is the most important part of the Constitution. The Constitution is the fundamental principles within a state/organization established by the Government. The Bill of Rights are the first ten of the amendments that are included in the Constitution. They were written by James Madison; he wrote them because he agreed with the states that were calling out for more protection. The Bill of Rights goes into detail about the rights of the people and the power that the government had. The Bill of Rights were approved on September 25, 1789, and they were ratified on December 15, 1791; this is also the day when they became a part of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights included amendments that granted the people rights. The Bill of Rights starts out with a preamble, it then goes into the amendments. The amendments give people the right to freedom of religion, speech and press. The second amendment explains the rights to bear arms. The third amendment gives people the okay to housing soldiers. The fourth amendment protects the people from the government searching/seizing them for no reason. The fifth amendment is the right to life, liberty and property. Amendment six is the rights talking about accusing people within a criminal …show more content…
This is a very important amendment because people shouldn’t be told what to believe in, to follow, or to practice. The first amendment also gives people the right to post whatever they want because everyone is allowed their own