Importance Of The Lottery

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Every person wants money, especially if making that money doesn’t include work. Imagine being able to get money by just a game of chance. The idea of having luck people get from making this money off of chance leads to things like gambling and dependency on the game itself. The lottery also being a game of chance has people relying on it for the possible luck of winning and hope of getting money. The lottery is not an ethical or effective way to raise revenues for education because it allows people to gamble, it targets those in challenging situations, and the money made from it rarely ends up going to things like educational funding and the profits actually given aren’t substantial.
The lottery gives people more opportunities and ways to gamble.
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On the other hand, the state depends on these people to have their lotteries keep going(Nelson). Specifically, “‘The heaviest players,’ Duke University economists Charles Clotfelter and Philip Cook have found, are ‘blacks, high-school dropouts, and people in the lowest income category.’”(Nelson). Truly, the people that bet the most are those of minority groups and challenging income and educational situations. For example, all kinds of people bet on the lottery, but only twenty percent of these people in these challenging situations make up eighty-two percent of the lotteries betting rates(Nelson). In addition, the mass majority of the people buying these tickets and making the profit for the lottery are people under difficult situations like tight budgets. Another example is the place of selling the lottery tickets, one being neighborhood convenience stores, entices people with low incomes that go there consistently to buy everyday items, to also buy the lottery tickets(Nelson). In fact, the states seem to know their demographic and sell where they know they will be and willing to buy the tickets. Overall the lottery system knows where and how to make the most money off of people and they succeed in doing