Importance Of Time Management

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When I restarted college, I thought it would be a breeze. I was taking four developmental classes, how could I not pass with all ‘A’s’? I could do the homework the night before, study before class, show up when I wanted and I would still get a good grade. The first week of school went just as planned, but as the weeks went on the pile of homework, study time, and lab work increased. I fell behind and noticed that my grades were falling. Time management was defiantly not one of my strengths. I didn’t understand how easily time could slip away. I knew this was something that I could work on and eventually overcome. I knew I was capable of staying on track and becoming successful.
I located my planner, and I started to use it. It was beneficial in resolving my issue with managing time. Every class I put homework assignments, extra credit and test dates in my planner. I attached a picture of my planner, showing an example of a week. Since using this concept, I am doing better in school. I am showing up on time, and turning in assignments when they are due. I am no longer doing the assignments or studying the night before class. I have realized that by doing this I am not so stressed out about my academic progress.
Time management does not only affect me in school, but it has also made an impact in my personal life. I have been known to miss my daughter’s doctor appointments, and family functions. I have forgotten when bills are due and even important holidays. I purchased a new laptop, and attached a picture as my personal artifact. I use the calendar to set upcoming events, tests and doctor appointments. I make sure that I set a reminder for a week before,