Importance Of Trust In An Organisation

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In today’s society it is crucial to establish a basis of trust within an organization in order to remain competitive and successful. It is the foundation upon which all relationships are built. If employees feel you don’t trust them to do their jobs correctly, they will be unwilling to do much without your approval. But on the other hand, when they feel trusted, and that you believe they will do the right things, they will naturally want to do things well and be deserving of your trust.

Trust is very important to an organization in many ways. Having a sense of trust in the workplace will put employees in a comfort zone realizing they are needed and play an important role in the organizations success and also will help the company run
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596). These findings have strong negative consequences. If employees don’t trust their managers, they do not interact with them, they use strong influence strategies to control them, and they don’t like them. This does not make for a productive, or even comfortable workplace.

In an experiment by Dong Jung et al. (2000) trust was found to be a very important in leadership. This study involved two leaders who either established a trusting relationship with a group, or did not. It was found that the group with the trustworthy leader had greater productivity, a better quality of ideas, and the subjects reported liking the trustworthy leader more (Jung p. 960). This research suggests that trust should be actively and consciously pursued by management.

It is difficult to grow as an employee when there is no trust. Failure to trust others in the workplace will create tension and most likely force an employee to leave the company. If a manager hires an employee to perform specific tasks and does not trust that employee to get the job done he/she may do the job themselves. Other managers will recognize or assume the associate is incapable of getting the job done; in turn, they may not trust to delegate any work to that employee.

Finally, the third type of trust in an organization is organizational trust. Organizational trust is the trust employees have in the company itself. The