Essay on Importance of Managing and Adopting Collaboration and Partnership in the Tourism Industry

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•As the Tourism Planning Director of a Regional Development Agency, write a report to the Board on the importance of adopting and managing collaboration and partnership in tourism and/or hospitality.

1 Abstract
2 Introduction
3 Issues affecting tourist attractions
3.1 Biodiversity Conservation
3.2 Pollution
3.3 Climate change
3.4 Accommodation
3.5Education and training
3.6local communities
3.7 Abandoned heritage sites
4. Conclusion
5. Recommendations
6. References

1. Abstract
This report focuses on the importance of adopting and managing collaboration and partnership in the tourism industry in the Black Country region. The purpose of this report is to identify problems that the region is facing and find means and ways
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Street litter may wash into drains and end up in the ocean; this can kill wildlife by entanglement or ingestion. Soil contamination is another form of pollution in the Black country which may destroy our tourist attractions, this type of contamination can be caused by spillages of hazardous substance or when as chemicals or waste from an industrial smokestack. This can kill animals if they ingest plants which grow in such soil or if they inhale particles from contaminated soil. To solve this we need to collaborate with environment protection agencies such that they provide presentations of visual material, with the aim of communicating the importance of conserving tourist attractions.
3.3. Climate change The rise or decrease in temperature could be a threat to wildlife and the environment and the wildlife are likely to experience changes in the location and extend of areas across the region where the climate will meet their requirements and wild life will suffer due to altered vegetation patterns, and reduced water availability in the region.
Therefore the available solutions showed that there is need for us to collaborate with scientific organizations and institutions to meet the specific needs of management as it meets the challenges of climate change and in turn we are able to provide the best suitable conditions for wildlife. The solutions available include presentation of climate friendly parks