Importance of Voting Essay

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The Importance of Voting With the Long Lines, the stressful waiting, and the constant question of asking yourself “why am I here?” on going in your head makes the waiting to vote the most exciting thing ever. But wait aside of that, think for a second. This year there were people going to vote even when hurricane sandy hit parts of their neighborhood, destroyed their houses or flooded several ways for them to get to their voting station, but they still voted. They’re is people who went to those voting polls and spent long hours putting whatever situation they were in aside and went to vote. They did so To fulfill their duty as a citizen, to make their voice heard and their vote count. This is why I think whatever the case maybe …show more content…
Why should you vote? Well because of You, Your children, the people who can’t vote and share the same opinion as yourself, you are their voice. When you go out there and vote not only are you voting for yourself but you are voting for children, and all those people who couldn’t vote that day and share the same concerns and opinions as yourself. As a parent think of it as voting for your children, your voting to get issues like school security fixed, college scholarships, financial aid etc. You are voting for their future. It’s in your hands. It’s also a way to honor our history as long as our country has had existence there was a time where people didn’t want us to vote, they didn’t want our voices heard, but some people stood up and we honor them by voting our opinion for those people who stood up for the right for us to do so today. Lastly, It also gives you credibility we need to make our concerns heard and what better way than voting. If not how can our concerns be taken into count? They may not even matter at all if we do not vote. Voting gives you the credibility to make your concerns a top priority for legislators. This Topic In my opinion has got to be one of the most important issues that the Country is facing today. So I chose this Contemporary Topic for my project because I strongly believe that voting is a matter we should all take into count, As I have said before it really does make a change