The Importance Of Open A Door

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Lots of decisions come down to choosing whether to open a door or to close it. I've learned that opening doors always makes life more interesting--one way or the other! Can you think of a time when you had the opportunity to do something new and had to decide whether to take the chance?
I did. Only one and a half year ago I was living in Russia with my family. I had a permanent, well paid, interesting job, up growing carrier, own house, my parents next to me and a lot of friends.
I was on the 7th month of pregnancy when I knew that my husband and I won a green card. I always want to be far away from Russia when my child is born but never think that I’ll have a chance to move to the USA.
That was the hardest and more important decision in my life. On the one hand I had a thriving live for my son, an opportunity to give him an education I was dreamed of and simply live in a country where the Law and rules are above everything. On the other hand I had my parents staying in Moscow, all my relatives and everything I had earned by my own.
So we decided to move. My life had been completely changed. My son was born in 2 months and together with my husband we faced so many troubles here: foreign country, foreign language, no job, no house with a newborn baby. And all of this difficulties made me stronger, more responsible, independent.
And thanks God we have a couple of relatives here that supported us so much.
Although last year was the hardest one of my life but it was the