Essay about Important Festival

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Pin Ru Chen
JUNE -24 -2013

The Chinese spend their time in lunar year calendar, so the Chinese New Year always appears in the February. It is important for the first day to come because it symbolizes the end of the last year and begin with the New Year. Everybody can’t wait to spend the Chinese New Year because it will have a long vacation. In addition, there are so many entertaining activities during the Chinese New Year. One of the customs that makes children feel more exciting is about receiving red envelopes. The adult will give out the red envelopes to the children when the children blesses for the elder with benedition on the New Year Eve. It is believed that the children who received the red envelopes will be in safe and healthy through the whole year; therefore, children say as many good words as they could because it will bring good luck to others. After the New Year, some parents will collect the red envelopes for children. Until the children grown up, there is a huge amount of money can be used and it can become the first fund for the children enter to next stage. There is a good excuse to stay up late and set out fireworks as much as possible on the New Year Eve. There is a legend that a lion-like monster shows up at the beginning of the year and it comes out to hunt people and domestic animals as well. In order to be aware of the monster, people stay up late awake together and also set off fireworks to scare the monster off. People keep in mind the rules and pass down from generation to generation in the ancient day. Conversely, It simply turns out as a way to celebrate the New Year nowadays. As a result, people stay up late to chat with family, play Mahjongg, and worship the…