Importing: United States and Entry Documents Essay

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Importing Into the United States
When the shipment arrives an importer has several procedures to follow. First, the importer will need to be sure that they file entry documents for the goods with the port director at the goods’ port of entry. Entry documents have to be filed within 15 days of the date that the shipment arrives in the United States. Forms that are included in the entry documents are the entry manifest, the special permit for immediate delivery, form of merchandise release, evidence of right to make entry, commercial or proforma invoice, packing list and other document that may be required by the port director to determine merchandise admissibility. This is to ensure that goods are legally entering the United States and that the delivery of the merchandise has been authorized by U.S. Customs. This paperwork also ensures that estimated duties for the goods have been paid. It is also the responsibility of the importer to arrange for the examination and release of the goods. The importer must also be sure that they have a properly endorsed bill of lading as evidence of the right to make entry. A bond to ensure potential duties, taxes and charges that may accrue is also needed by the importer. A power of attorney will also be required if another entity is accepting the shipment on behalf of the importer.
In this particular scenario this import shipment does not qualify for GSP treatment. The product originates in too many different countries. According to the…